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A person who wears expensive clothes and designers but looks messy and as if "they just got out of bed". Girls usually wear uggs and have messy ponytails with university hoodies (that they can't attend because they are 15 years old).

Shwef boys wear grey jogging bottoms, topman shirts, have spiked or messy hair and hang round with shwef girls.

Shwef girls usually idolise Kate Moss, Daisy Lowe, Alexa Chung and read Teen Vogue and shop at Vintage stores and Topshop.Loves starbucks and having big-ass bags with practically nothing in them.
Too much foundation, big bangles, go out shopping together to buy the same outfits.
Person A: "oh my god, look at those girls what are they wearing?"

Person B: "daaamn, uggs, big hoodie, messy hair total cost = £200, SHWEF!"

"they are so shwef-tastic it hurts".

Girl A: "aww i so LOVE your new shirt, where did you get i?"

Girl B : "Vintage shop, it's so hawt it was like £30"

Girl A: "That is sooo cute, i'll have to buy the same one!"
by rantandrave November 23, 2008
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