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A drinking game involving a tennis (Shwap) ball and a group of people standing in a circle. You must hold your drink in your dominant hand and you bounce the ball to each other in attempt to make your opponents bobble or drop the ball. Each time you make an error, you must drink. If Person A bounces the ball to Person B, and Person B makes a catch using another part of their body other than their hand, then Person A must chug the rest of his or her drink and everybody else chants, "Shwapple" repeatedly. #Shwapple

Participants are encouraged to create their own rule system
"Hey Bro... are you trying to go to that Shwapmeet later?"

"Got Shwap?"

"Dude! You will never guess what happened! We were shwappin it up at Frodo's and Mike Tyson came over to get his shwap on!"

"Let's play Shwapple."
by The Sultan of Shwap April 29, 2013
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