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The friendliest girl you could ever hope to meet. She is one of the most modest friends you could have, and is always willing to provide advice when in times of need. Shumi is the type of person that will always support you and remain by your side no matter what happens. Even if you begin to get on her nerves, she'll remain calm and continue overwhelming you with endless acts of kindness that you know can never be repaid. Not only is she extremely intelligent, but she's always happy to enjoy a good game or competition and will unfailingly leave a smile on your face. However, you should always be careful while in her presence because she will constantly shower you with compliments and deliberately let you win games in order to make you feel better and brighten your day. She loves to tease you and make lame jokes, but that is what makes her unique: it is what makes her special. While Shumi is one of the brightest teachers you could encounter, she is certainly not afraid to have fun and make you laugh regardless of your surroundings. She may suffer from short-term memory loss, although the memories you two share together will never be forgotten as she is such an incredible individual, and her caring and considerate personality will leave a positive impact on your life. If you are ever fortunate enough to spend time with Shumi, cherish it and never take her for granted because she is one of few flowers in a world of weeds.
Do you know that girl, Shumi? She is the best!
by CooolBeeans July 01, 2018
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I've been wanting to put my sperm on that bitch but that bitch wouldn't take it, she's a fucking shumi.
by mohammedtareqbin August 22, 2010
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