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One of the most AMAZING anime characters ever. He is from the hit anime/manga Bleach and is possibly the sexiest character on the tv show. He is strong and independent. He is very smart, having a position in the 13 court gaurd squads before he graduated. He is a very talented shinigami. He currently has the position of Lieutenant of Squad 9. He has a scar and tattoos most distict a '69' on his face which he got in inspiration from someone who save his life when he was younger. The three scars across his left eye are from a hollow attack when he and two others were training a group of shinigami trainees. His fellow teachers dead, he stayed behind to distracthe hollow to let the trainees escape. The hollow slashed his eye. On his arms and around his neck he has exploding tattoos. He has yet to achive bankai and his zanpakuto is sort of rouge. He plays guitar and has written 3 books. He even brought a motercycle back from the World of the Living.
Shinigami 1: Look at that it's Shuhei Hisagi!
Shinigami 2: I know! He's the Lieutenant of Squad 9!
Shinigami 1: Isn't Shuhei just amazing?
Shinigami 2: He's a very respectable person.
by Vulf December 22, 2012
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