The word "shtop" is used when speaking in a highly stereotypical ducth accent. It is an exclamation of warning.
Shtop! This bride is not ready yet. She needs to evolve by 50 million years
by Dan Watson November 17, 2003
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Going only Shaco top in order to practice.
by Chentaro November 14, 2017
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'Shtop' or any word with an added 'sh' sound, stands broadly for an Irish-ism stemming from the colloquial manner in which some natives speak/spoke/will shpeak.
Person A: "We're going out in 'Shligo' tonight".
Person B: "Sounds like a Washte of time"

Person A: Shtop!
by GetItInTYaSynthia November 23, 2022
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