A nice way of calling someone a jackass, idiot, stupid, or some other way of degrading someone.
by Guntle September 27, 2010
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A silent, ticket booth in the middle of a dark field near Warhill High School, adjacent to the irrigation pond. At night, it is the only seen symbol in this dark field, a peculiar sight as it is the only light up. If seen, you will hear a low vibration, which you will be immediately called to. Upon entering, you will feel a wave of light-headedness, a compulsion never felt before. A certain man who built this holy sacred sanctuary will greet you upon arrival, allowing you in.

The Shrack will you teleport to any area/destination that you seek that is accessible by bathroom and porta potties on school grounds. The power this building holds is unimaginable, and once you witness it, your life will forever changed. You must respect the Shrack, and if not, consequences will be held against your life. Listen here, the people who roam the woods in Warhill and Warhill Sports Complex have grudges against the mortals who roam. There is a cult that haunts the woods, and will take children, adults, and football players if accessible. When you are near the Shrack at a late time at night, you might see a herd of wild cult members run near the Shrack, a warning for yourself to exit the area immediately.
by shrackgal12 October 14, 2021
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the tightening of the flesh around the testicles, when your sack shrinks.
I was looking down there and i saw you shrack.
During intercourse you shrack.
by TitliWink September 15, 2010
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where the mattress rests on a bed frame.
yo bro i got stuck in my shrack under my mattress yesterday...
by ajd7 August 15, 2019
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shrack is abbreviation for sound track
shracks you can also listen on the flive (live365.com)
by Andrius March 03, 2008
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