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A bar of soap that has been allowed to habitate a shower long enough to have attract a lush coat of pubic hair, resembling a small woodland mammal.
'Reaching blindly for the soap through the steam, I cringed as my fingers locked around the greasy, furry bar. I knew that I too was now a victim of the wily shower squirrel'
by Digital_Prophet November 05, 2008
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That heinous matt of hair that collects in the drain of your shower making your tub back up and your stomach hurl.
For best results, sneak up on the shower squirrel and plunge your hand without looking, scoop up the offending hair in your clutched fingers and deposit quickly into the awaiting toilet. Make sure to close the lid immediately. Shower squirrels can be resilient little buggers. Flush. Latex gloves are optional.
by Writer MD September 23, 2009
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