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When you bend over a women, and with her butthole in the air placing cocaine in the surface of her hole. Then have the women fart sending a cloud of fart and cocaine into the air and you try to sniff as much as you can while its in the air.
Jacob came back with a smile on his face and pink eye, we asked him " what happened last night after the club?" Jacob responded, " I took a girl home and hit her with the shouka"

When a girl gets passed around to the homies. "baby pass me the shouka"
by Carlofduty October 10, 2016
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When you take a crap the poo drops and the water plops back up onto your butthole.
John: dude I took a crap and shoukaed all over.

Tim: Yea I hate it when it does that
by Supmon February 26, 2015
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Shouka is an energetic girl loving to party smart, charming, and crazy. She's the girl you'd want to party with.
"Wow she's so Shouka"
by annfree November 17, 2014
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