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Descending from 2 of the greatest words in the english language, shot and beer, this word originated in Manhattan, NY and is directly related to enjoying just that, a shot and a beer.
When said fast, (or while piss drunk) shotnabur might not give up its purpose (which is, to intake a shot and a beer, of course) easily making for an stealthy exit from the workplace.
Usually taken place at lunch, or directly after a long days work, shotnabur will take a load of stress off of anyones shoulders, or loosen anyone up to have sex with a lesbian.
Be careful not to intake too many shotnaburs given the fact that 1 sole shotnabur (depending on what type of shot, and also the type of bur) might result in some sort of debauchery, or, will eventually lead to many more shotnaburs
Nick- "Hey Mike, Shotnabur?"
Mike- "Shotnabur!"
by nhubert December 23, 2008
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