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1. Drinking an egregious amount of liquor in the form of shots.
2. Drinking a full glass of liquor from one of those oversized novelty shotglasses.
Bro #1: Whoa! Man, why is Timmy being a fucking dick!
Bro #2: Hey relax man, he drank a shotload.
by ChesterQPterodactyl July 10, 2012
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The meaning of this word comes from the original word of Shot which means to be burnt out or just do and act like an ass from doing drugs or anything along those lines. Shot load means that you are a load of shotness meaning that you basically suck at life and shuld just shut your mouth right at that moment someone calls you a shot load.
James Rammunni Puts the shot in shot load.
by Chris Anderson April 05, 2006
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