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Much like "Beer Thirty", "Shot O'clock" references ANY time of the day in which the mood reflects the need for a shot glass filled with any strong liquor, preferably Patron or any Tequila.
Guess what time it is!!! Its SHOT O'CLOCK!!! WHERE'S THE PATRON?!?!?!
by Free Chorizo1 March 16, 2010
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"Shot O' Clock" more commonly known as "Shot-O-Clock"

What is Shot-O-Clock? Shot-O-Clock is that perfect time of the night when the drinks are flowing down easy & everything is just right. You're out with your best buds, there is some hot tail floating around the bar, and you need to do something to show just how good of a time you are having... That's when Shot-O-Clock steps in! Instantly become the life of the party, the pimpest player in the place, and completely irresistible, whether you are paying for it or not. Shot O Clock can even happen simultaneously across several timezones! So read on, you'll find instructions, suggestions, and more below!

nstructions to Shot-O-Clock:

Step 1: Approximately 15 minutes before Shot-O-Clock, text as many as your friends as possible about Shot-O-Clock, no matter what timezone they may be in. Remember, it is Shot-O-Clock.

Step 2: Determine the drunkest member of the group you are out drinking with, and go buy at 35 shots on his or her tab. Shot-O-Clock is NO fun if you are just buying a round of shots for your table.

Step 3: Before telling the bartender you want 35 shots, try to get a deal for buying in bulk. Remember, Shot-O-Clock cannot be repeated if you're broke.

Step 4: Once you have successfully negotiated a good price, and the drinks are being made, tell everyone around you who's tab Shot-O-Clock is on. It won't matter now, the drinks are already being made.

Step 5: Ask for a tray, or get the server to bring Shot O Clock to your table. Last thing you want to do is drop Shot-O-Clock! Its a SIN.

Step 6: Serve everyone at your table drinks, and then find as many hot chicks as possible to give shots to. Do not attempt Shot-O-Clock without females. (It looks weird)

Step 7: It's Shot-O-Clock time. See step #1 for instructions on how to continue.

Shot-O-Clock Suggestions and Helpful Hints:

- Always bring someone out who has a higher credit limit than you do!

- Shot-O-Clock should not be attempted without females.

- Always get a deal on Shot-O-Clock, if the bartender refuses, change bars immediately.

- No slurring while talking to the bartender about Shot-O-Clock, that's a sure way to be denied.

- No stumbling while walking to / from the bar either.

- Always take a taxi, its fucking cheap in comparison to your lawyer, and a good idea after Shot-O-Clock!

Founder: Brett J
I'm sure you can figure out shot-o-clock!! What time is it?? shot o'clock
by Dr. Vinh June 27, 2007
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