Slang use by slant slash hookers in Thailand to notate length of sexual contract. Usually about 90 minutes in this case.
(see Long Time)
(see slant slash)
Short Time prices for some spicy Thai curry pussy are usually 1000 to 1500 Baht. In rare instances, it can be as low as 300 to 500 Baht (10 to 15 USD)
by BigD101 November 26, 2007
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refers to a transaction with asian bar girlsLBFMlittle brown fucking machinesworking girls wherein the gal will go with a customer to engage in sex, and leave them shortly thereafter, most likely to return to the bar to find another customer, dance with her girfriends, and perhaps snack on some fried beetles. As opposed to long time, which denotes spending the night, which carries with it the promise of multiple sessions or acts of pleasure.
Nigel was really mao(drunk) and he bar-fined Ooi and Nok and took them to a short-time hotel for two lady sex.
by Sacabua September 21, 2006
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An ambiguous statement cooked up by H.R. Managers when they want a person to perform higher duties without pay, without defining the time period
Carry out a supervisors job for a short period of time
by level planet March 5, 2012
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