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One of the worst high schools in history. Everyone thinks they are so emo or they are prep extreme. They post pictures of themselves on webshots drinking excessive amounts of alcohol while dawning the latest seven jeans and Ralph Lauren polos. Oh and those emo kids thinking they are going against the whole "prep system" really look like the biggest tools in their xfallxoutxboyx shirts. God Fall Out Boy is one of the worst bands on earth. Get over yourselves.

The school is made up of inconsiderate assholes who treat people like shit. They waste their parents money on drugs and booze. If you don't have a Vera Bradley you are probably on the death list. The North Face dominates and is the only winter coat.

The whole entire population is full of self absorbed rich snobs. The student parking lot has better cars than the teacher parking lot.

It is probably one of the most fucked up institutions in America. Just slide money under the table and you will get what you want there. All the parents are in denial about their kids who go there.
"Oh Sally, she doesn't drink, what an angel."
"John, oh my god, doing way!"
Deep Run High School will money always solves any problem!!!
by Robert Shiller February 12, 2006
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Waste of our tax money and everyone except for a few people are faggots. If you ask anyone at the office a question you will get a different answer from each person, I tried the school and had such a hard time with forms and the system that I went to private school until I could get into godwin.

Go to Godwin instead, people aren't douchebags there.
Guy 1: Go deep run high school Wildcats!!!

Guy 2: Go hump zach efron.
by gawdihatedeeprun September 20, 2009
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