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We are the skilled men and woman that build the world around us. We are the creators of everything man made. Because of our great contributions, our society enjoys many comforts. Without the skills of our talented group, life as we know it would not exist.
* A Shoprat is a skilled craftsman capable of fine works and is worthy of the title "Artisan."
* A Shoprat is willing to roll up his sleeves and show initiative.
* A Shoprat enjoys a challenge.
* A Shoprat is a problem solver, not a procrastinator.
* A Shoprat has honor, intelligence, curiosity, and imagination.
* A Shoprat realizes that every day is an opportunity to learn.
* A Shoprat is the teacher and the student.
* A Shoprat is someone you can rely on.
* This nation was built by the hard work of Shop Rats.
* Shoprats, Seldom Seen but Always There!
by Shoprat Foundation May 27, 2008
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Slang for an experienced bike mechanic.

It takes several years to become a shop rat. Only after spending thousands of hours building bikes, building wheels, rebuilding suspension forks and shocks, setting up derailleurs, replacing bottom brackets, rebuilding hubs, matching chainrings/cranksets/cassettes, and bleeding every type of hydraulic brake system does one become a shop rat.

A shop rat is the guy/gal you want to talk to about your bike's issues. They've seen every possible problem a million times over and know how to fix it professionally and quickly. They also know secret repair tricks that you'll never find in a service manual or on YouTube.

The opposite of a Tool Box Ted.
I spent 10 years as a shop rat in a Colorado bike shop.

The main Pinkbike guys all used to be shop rats for something like 10+ years before their current jobs.
by BB30 May 16, 2020
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