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The mayhem that ensues in every shopping mall and mini-mart across America on Black Friday.
Me: Hey man, you going to "major retail conglomerate" on Black Friday?
Friend: Hell no, you won't catch me anywhere near the shopocalypse!
by Mwahahahahahaha! November 28, 2013
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1. Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield, England. So-called for its advertising as "the land of shoppertunity".
2. The end of the world through rampant and pervasive consumerism
3. The point of exhaustion reached at the end of an excessive shopping spree where you simply cannot continue.
1. "The shopocalypse can be found at Junction 32 of the M1."
2. "If we carry on like this as a species we are heading for the shopocalypse."
3. "Can we go home, for the love of God? I've reached the shopocalypse."
by conciliation March 27, 2009
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Its a term to describe the coming shop-ocalypse of the 22nd of December 2012. When the world fails to end on the 21st of December 2012 as the Mayans predicted people will go out Christmas shopping en masse to shop for stuff they should have bought before the 21st. This will lead to the deaths of thousands of individuals trampled to death in the ensuing chaos. This event will become known as the the shop-ocalypse of 2012.
Ted didn't die in the Shop-ocalypse because he got his Christmas shopping done before the Shop-ocalypse.
by Iffy350 May 22, 2011
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