A three way oral sex game where one guy picks up a chick standing up so he can eat her out while the female bends backwards to give a blow job to the other dude who is also standing up to recreate a shoot or ladder. The sex position changes from a ladder to a shoot, or vice versa, when the guys reverse roles.
Guy 1: "Hey do you want to play some shoots and ladders?"
Girl: "OMG YES!!! I love that game."
Guy 2: "I bet you do... I'm in."
by Milton wants sex Bradley March 11, 2009
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the act of coming at a girl from behind witha huge didlo that wil cause her to shoot up the ladder that she is standing on. see double monkey fist
me and the wife played a crazy game of soots and ladders last night.
by Sam Steine November 20, 2003
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