(noun) A location that is a safe haven for IV drug users to be around like-minded individuals, where they can consume/inject their drugs without fear of any scrutiny, prejudice or negative repercussions. More often than not such places also sell drugs that is readily available.
You could tell that Tara didn't know that Jenny's place was a popular neighborhood shooting gallery. The first thing she saw was Tommy hitting Johnny with some clear, Stevie hitting Raymond with some clear and I was injecting Shannon with some clear. If Tara had stayed around a bit longer she might could have snuck a few peeps of me injecting Shannon with some of my premium grade seen. But alas it looked as though she had seen enough already to make her skin crawl.
by Nikki Stixx December 14, 2020
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heroin users version of a crack house
he od'd over at the shooting gallery
by chillcat May 30, 2003
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A street or neighborhood notorious for high numbers of gun crimes.
Hey, I'm heading over to my lady's place on Princess Street

Take a flak jacket man. That place is a shooting gallery.
by even whiter dude July 3, 2017
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