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The Shockinis are easy to customize and play mini action figures! Each Shockini mini Action Figure is made up of sturdy plastic parts but still easy to carve paint and sand without difficulty. The Shockini comes with 5 accessories and a posing base, packed with 50 stickers and a customizable j-card package. The parts to form this awesomely articulated 3-inch block action figure are preassembled for immediate poseable fun and customization. The pop and lock plastic ball-joints of the Shockini Action Figures make for an interchangeable world with all future Shockini products.
I am going to customize my Shockini today.
by Mike Greb January 19, 2006
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A word used to describe something crappy, often a knock-off of an original object.
Q: Did you watch American Dad last night?
A: No, man. That show is a shockini of Family Guy.
by Jimmy Stik April 03, 2006
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