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A word used to describe anything repugnant, foul-smelling, slutty or agitating.
"Dude what's that smell?"
"Sorry man, I took a giant Shmulia in the washroom"

"Do not wear that out tonight, you look like an absolute shmule"

"Stop singing, you're shmuliating me"

Peter took the girl back to her apartment but once his senses kicked in he noticed that not only was she "Shmulia" looking, she smelt like complete shmule. He decided to ask her to leave before it turned into a shmulaster.
by HaseyBatten October 01, 2011
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a shmulia is a person who is VERY pretty , but often doesn't think it .
when someone tells the Shmulia she is pretty , she doesn't accept it and fights back.
a Shmulia is also a very good friend, and can give you lots of tips. Shmulia's tend to get all the boys.
Sydney : Hey look , over there.
Cassi : Dude ! She's a Shmulia !
by shymdneysheps April 22, 2011
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