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(noun, adjective, verb, etc.)

Definition: any meaning you want to give it/expresses current emotion
Used in a sentence: Shmir, it's a way of life.
Origin: David and LindsayClaire Murff

1. "What the Shmir are you talking about?"
2. "Shmir! We won!!"
3. "That party was the shmir!"
4. *Awkward Silence* "Shmir..."
by Smurff12 November 15, 2010
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short for Smirnoff. as in Smirnoff Ice, commonly used in party games, specifically when icing. Even more specifically relates to a limited time flavor called red white & berry.
person 1: did you bring any shmir i'm tryna get lit
person 2: hell yea man i got 6 cases in the trunk
person 1: fuck yea im gonna ice the shit outta people later
by shmirman69 June 11, 2018
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