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"Shmins" - A caring lovely adorable god of hotness who is so great a random word HAD to be invented....
Girl Your cute Shmins.......

Boy - Awww Love You!
by LilMissTwit November 12, 2010
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1. condensed form of "I know what you mean."

2. verb: An action that you are uncomfortable talking about but that will make sense in the context of the conversation.

3. noun: An item that you are referring to but you call it a "shmin". can be any item.
1. "I would love a chocolate croissant right now" ... "Shmin!"

"I was just really upset, you know?" ... "Yeah, shmin"

2. "Did you guys shmin last night?"

3. At the dinner table: "Pass me the shmin"
by Tartar sauce January 30, 2010
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