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A variation of the word Shizzle, meaning Shit in Snoop Dogg language (which consists of adding the suffix -izzle to any word).
"Man, that party was the shizzay!"

"That Beezy is the fuckin' shizzay, I'd tap that fo rizzle!"
by Ni-Yo April 22, 2009
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Shizzay is a misunderstood teenager who is a little whacko but every one loves her anyway. why? because she is god. Her good friend erin huff is also awesome and they both have hot 4 somes with their bisexual friends on katies waterbed.
"shizzay i love you!!!!!!"
"hold the phone... what the fuck did you just say shizzay?"
"shizzay is da bomb"
by shizzay November 25, 2004
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