The act of throwing vending machines and wielding traffic signs.
by Anonshmamon June 6, 2011
A Shizuo is someone who usually goes against the nature of its name.

The name is Japanese, its chinese characters translate to Serene Man, however the definition to Serene is, in fact- Unaffected by disturbance; calm and unruffled- which is quite contrary to an individual who may posses the name Shizuo.
Shizuo's tend to be disliked, avoided, and childishly annoying. A person who enjoys calm and despises violence, yet partakes in it. A Shizuo is usually affected by anything that doesn't follow the 'natural order', and hates those who try to disturb the peace of their surroundings.
A Shizuo usually also possess a short fuse, so mingling in their lives should always be cautiously calculated in the way a Shizuo responds to it- is it annoying, or boring? Is it nice or cruel? Depending on the way a Shizuo see's it, a Shizuo will act accordingly.
Shizuo's tend to dislike the media, and rarely partakes in watching TV or dwelling on rumors or drama.
Shizuo's have a knack for sweet things, but would eat something rather odd as long as it looks good.
An enigma, Shizuo's are rather hard to understand.
One day while walking around, I spotted Shizuo, who managed to, yet again, uproot a rather heavy object from its foundation, and toss it at Izaya. For a man who dislikes violence, he basically drowns in it.
by Whocaresmuchanyway June 14, 2011
A character from Durarara. Despises Izaya. Almost killed him. Sexuality is unknown and unconfirmed. I wish somebody knew for sure. Please tell me.
by Random Child Who Is Also Weird October 25, 2019
Shizuo "Shizu-chan" Heiwajima is an major character from the Japanese light novel and anime series "Durarara!!"

He is renowned as the "strongest man in Ikebukuro", due to his unusually inhuman level of strength. He is known for having a hatred towards Izaya Orihara, another major character in "Durarara!!". Although quiet and nondescript while not angered, he has a very short fuse and fights with incredible strength.
Person 1: Shizuo Heiwajima is my favourite character from Durarara!!
Person 2: Same, he's voiced by my favourite voice actor Daisuke Ono.
by nukacolas April 1, 2021