One of these days where you start the morning accidentaly stepping excrement. While you clean your right shoe, you find out that its all over the left shoe too, and your sock. The smell won't go.
my day started really shitty too.. had to walk around with ppl asking all the time, did someone step on kaki?

-"This office smells funny.. check your sole man"
-"yes, its me.. seems like a shitty day..."
by MishOr January 9, 2011
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A cold, rainy day where women are forced to wear no makeup and have their natural hair.

A day where women and men both have thier natural gel, hairspray, makeup, straightened hair, etc.
Damn that girl looks like hell on a shitty weather day.

Oh no! Looks like we're gonna have another shitty weather day.
by Chevi Lovaine January 24, 2012
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When somebody shits on your scalp and lathers it into your hair
"Dude, i had a shitty hair day"
"That's gross!!"
by ischaak October 2, 2011
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