Usually a reference to a person or animal that is totally worthless. The phrase exhibits all the thing does is shit and piss.
Tommy lost another fucking job last week. That guy is a shit and piss factory.
by Jacklemen Hearse September 03, 2008
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"This movie isn't that scary what are you doing" -random dude

"I am so scared I have reached a perfect state of shit and piss and cum"-shit piss cum man
by Shit and piss and cum man November 19, 2020
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Something that's bad that gets worse i.e getting beaten up at a nightclub, then finding out someone fucked your missus.
by Keazy April 07, 2016
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When you pee on your asshole while shitting to keep your turd cutter clean
Hey I gotta go shit n piss, Emily's coming over later to eat my ass so I need to clean up
by 37r9tueu May 03, 2019
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A "Shit Piss" is when your doody is so loose you feels like you are pissing out of your ass.
1. It looks like somebody "Shit Pissed" all over that toilet.

2. Those wings fucked up my stomach, I'm going to have to "Shit Piss" in about a minute.
by Jutty Haines May 12, 2008
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I'm keen to see the shit and the piss get up against the Liberal Party (Carlton) on the weekend.
by tigga72 September 24, 2008
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