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When you try to make a phenommelette but can't risk flipping it cus it might fall apart, so you chicken out and tell everyone you made frittata. You're trying to cover up an ommelette abortion. You're a shit person and you should quit earth right after you finish eating that Shittata.
(From kitchen) Oh shit..
what happened, is the ommelette okay?
Errm, what Ommelette? There's no ommelette, I'm making frittata.
Just flip the thing you pussy, I hate Shittata!
by August 13, 2011
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Mixture of the words shit and frittata, the spanish omelette of the same name.

Usually exclaimed during the rush to the loo - where you know that the oncoming turd will well and truly fill the pan like an omelette
Ooh man, i'm gonna have to dash - need a shittata
by ebuygum April 22, 2009
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