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Shitnice is often used to describe a person or event that in the present time is absolutely fucking amazing. But when looked back upon often results in a shitty feeling which leaves you wondering "why the fuck would I do that for?"

In a general term, anything that can be nice and shit at the same time.
Example A: getting repeatedly pounded in the vagina for hours by some hot god of sex but having to deal with a sore vagine for days later.

-"Dude, my vagina is still rallied from all that sex I had five days ago..."

Example B: eating that mouthwatering burger, huge beef patty stacked high with toppings and loaded with grease that makes you want to orgasm at the table, but later leaves you in an intense meat coma.

-"That must have been some burger, I found you sleeping on the toilet.."
-"ugh, shitnice."
by ineedsomeprotien July 15, 2011
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