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A master of disguise, the shitfag is a cigarette consituted entirely out of shit. These can be used to surprise your friends, annoy your enemies or if your trapped in Mongolia, it is indeed what everyone else is smoking.
Pat: "Oh cheers for the smoke man"
Bob: "It's my pleasure, i couldn't finish the whole pack off anyways..."
*Bob walks off*
Ben: "Dude, you just totally Shitfagged Pat. NICE!"
by Timmy_222 May 11, 2009
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The type of person that goes around and tries to make it so that every single definition on urban dictionary had more dislikes that likes
Oh look, the shit-fags have 'got' to my post...
by Cheese McBurger November 12, 2014
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A insult given to a member of the male sex meaning he likes to take it from behind. A common insult given to a male named phillip and invented by Jill.
by Hail November 22, 2003
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Is a person who sucks or is not good at online gaming. Consists of two parts a FAG who plays like SHIT. A noob.
OMG! mike you are such a shitfag, you should just uninstall.
by Fuckphace August 29, 2006
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a shitfag is someone who likes to follow people around and aggrovate the fuck out of them and has a harsh hovering smell of pure fucking shit
dude dakotah keeps aggrovating the fuck out of me at school

yeah.. hes a total shitfag you can just look at him and tell hes a shitfag

yeah.. total shitfag

hes never gonna get laid
by DanielToshington February 01, 2010
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