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When you position a woman/male on there knees with there head propped upwards towards the sealing. Then you eject your runny human feces into her mouth. then you plug her nose, and stick your penis or fingers down here throat. then she will try to get air and end up gargling with the runny human feces , and it looks like a volcanic eruption.
OMG sally, did you see Mathew stick his enormous penis down Jeremias throat with the runny human feces? I thought it was Mount Saint Helen going off again ! but then i realized it was just a GIANT shitcano .
by bobertRJY April 23, 2009
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When a group of people poop in the same toilet intill it piles up like a Volcano...only in this case, a shitcano.

Also works well when someone turns the water off, and no one will flush it by mistake.
Man that was the biggest shitcano ever! Now the maids have to clean it up.
by nicholas1961 August 15, 2007
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