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Antonym to sweetbix... In most circumstances, it's used in conjunction, as it can be hard to understand otherwise. Often used (as well as sweetbix) to be purposefully obnoxious, therefore making it amusing, though to some it can be incredibly irritating, so choose your audience wisely. When using it without sweetbix, make sure they have heard of the term 'sweetbix', so that they can see the full beauty, and don't just think you're a dickhead.
Person 1: Man, I just had english.
Person 2: Oh sweetbix!
Person 1: Nah man, actually it was pretty shitbix.
Person 2: Awh. Shitbix.
Person 1: Yeah. But I have math next, so that should be sweetbix!
Person 2: Yeah man, sweetbix.
by mixyourmilkwithmycocopops March 29, 2010
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