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"yo i only got a little bit of weed" says chris. "let me see yo" says palmer. chris shows amount. "oh man thats shit dickins" Plamer says.
by Palmer Gross September 03, 2008
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When two gay guys have sex and forget to dousche. Or slang for homosexual men
When Manuel and Tony were roomates i caught those two shit dickin several times
by Dickassin March 24, 2017
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1. When things really don't go your way
2. A curse word used to insult someone (could be used in place of Fucker)
1. "Shit-Dickins!" Bobby yelled.

"What's wrong," Asked Susie

"The cat ran in front of a car" He replied.

2. "You shit-dickins!" The angry old man yelled to the man who t-boned his car
by noofles September 04, 2017
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