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A point in time at which all parts of life and all possible choices/options seem like total shit. As if you were standing in front of a buffet where every dish was a different style of shit.
Fried shit, sauteed shit, shit flambee, shit au gratin, shit con carne, shit with hoisin sauce.
I'm late for work because my car won't start, i can't call because my phone is in the house, i locked myself OUT of the house, and nobody is home. Great, now its raining. What a shit buffet.
by Hoot Hollway November 25, 2008
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The act of preforming oral sex on a female, only to find out that she has not wiped her asshole cleanly of fecal matter.
Bro 1: Dude, how was eating out that hunnie last night?

Bro 2: Ugh it was so gross. Bitch gave me the Shit Buffet.
by Adamus Rothenberguss May 28, 2009
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