When one goes to the bathroom to piss, but subsequently decides to take a shit as well. Similar to a pit stop in nascar, if a driver needs to get gas, he/she might decide to change the tires as well while they're at it.
Anonymous kid A: God dude I got out of Math class and had to take a piss the entire fucking class, I felt like I was about to get a UTI but I had to copy this Asian chick who was rocking a Hello Kitty watch so I knew she knew her shit.

Anonymous kid B: Fuck that class dude, math is the lesbian sister of biology, so my conservative catholic parents would never let me take it. How was that piss?

Anonymous kid A: Dude, it started out as a piss, but since I was already there I decided to take a shit stop and Release the Kraken on that toilet!
by Hurdsauce May 20, 2011
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Like a pit stop, except done when driving on the road, too far from your home restroom. Typically happens on road trips, after a night of drinking, or else shortly after eating fast food.
Husband and wife are driving on the highway, the husband swerves the minivan into the rest area...

Wife: What are you doing?! We just ______ (ate, filled up the car with gas, etc.).

Husband: Sorry, gotta make a shit stop!
by J3553 October 30, 2007
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The loud noise of belt buckles clanking together in a feverioush manner, with anticipation of opening in order to destroy the porcelain toilet bowl with a persons brown bad special.
Dude that guy just droppped off a truck stop shit ! I thought his belt cut through his jeans and if not his turd did for sure.
by MF Is the name of the game November 30, 2016
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When you don’t shit for a month, September. To pay respect for the victims that died on September 11th and aren’t able to shit again
Omg did he really do Stop Shit September?
Yeah, he gained 17 kg
by Analtwist November 13, 2019
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Finding yourself out of the vacinity of a toilet and just letting nature take its course and emptying your bowels in your pants.

Might be due to eating a dodgy lamb salad and drinking too much stella the night before and having a bit of a dicky stomach
Michael: So I was on my annual shop to Wilkinsons to pick up toothpaste and new shoe laces as a replacement for a belt for my trousers.
Anyways my stomach was playing up.
I Was walking home and I felt my arse twitch like a rabbits nose.
I went to let out a fart but I felt a warm sensation run down my legs. And I tried to retract it back up my A hole. Unfortunately I had shit stains on the back of my jeans. Tried to ignore it and walk home. Few minutes later, I had the same feeling but this time I didn't even try to hold it in. I just took a SHIT STOP and let the chocolate niagra falls fill my pants. It had seeped in to my shoes and everything. I had Squidgy feet the rest of the way home. I got home and just peeled off my rusty jeans at the bottom of the stairs and jumped in to the bath. It was like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate factory when Augustus Gloop falls in the chocolate River
by duringthewar June 28, 2021
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