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From not wipeing your arse properly, you get dry pieces of shit on your arse hair
Luke Harrington has bear shit nuggets
by kieran April 09, 2004
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N. Little pellets of shit.

Used more commonly as a phrase like fuck nuggets or shit muffins
by KIZLA February 21, 2009
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Same as holy shit. But instead holy shitnugget or holy shitnuggets. or just shitnugget/s. Usually used when pissed off. Most people use it while playing a game and one loses.
Holy shitnugget i keep dying at this level.

or Holy shitnuggets i cant do this math work.
by nami04 July 08, 2010
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Shit Nugget, American slang origin that means a delightfully splendid little ball of small and irregularly shaped piece of human feces, or a person who pisses you off to the extent that you would like to throw a small irregularly shaped piece of human feces at 90 mph. into their mouth lodging into their esophogus causing a sudden lack of oxygen to the brain and eventually bringing their heartrate to a halt, in which they fall over and cease to live.
I just got out of the stall, you have to come check out the shit nugget I left. It kind of looks like Bill Clinton if he were a Cosby.

Michael,Scott, and Keaton are fucking shitnuggets!
by John May 31, 2004
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1-The little ball of turd that hangs off your ass hair and floats around in the bath when you wash.

2-Ball of turd and fibres from your underwear.
Jeez dude, you can see the shit nugget hanging off her ass!
by Horny_dude_69 February 05, 2009
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when a mans hair becomes so long that it contains peices of genuine peices of faeces congragated on said hair during toilet time.
mouse - "that dudes hair is soooo long hes rocking the shit nuggets"

murderface - "niiiiiiiice"
by William Britton March 06, 2008
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Round circular balls of shit that come from the female anus.
That dumb hooker took a shitnugget on my carpet!
by Wicho Wicho May 26, 2008
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