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A person who drops names or other types of information just to seem smart, whether or not the information they give is correct.
Person 1: When is that meeting?
Shit Dropper: I think its on Tuesday.
Person 2: It actually on Saturday.
by oh-no December 16, 2008
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1) Originally, a pejorative term for a clumsy (either physically or mentally) person
2) A more general insult, similar to saying that someone "is fail".
3) One who drops a class or out of school
4) An accredited shit dropper is one who drops out of an accredited shit dropping degree program
5) one who fails to complete things

Note: the author was a self-taught shitdropper, and has..well..dropped this shit
"Cody knocked the bowl over again, he's such a motherfuckin' shit dropper"

"Whoever wrote this exremely kludgy code is one hell of a shit dropper"

"Ben dropped English; I told you he was a shit dropper"

by Norq February 11, 2008
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