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The equivalent of American trash. Basically a low-life (poor morals or values) person from the UK.
This clown-ass Shit Brit tried to start a fight with me for no reason.
by Warbucks2 June 01, 2009
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shitty British Literature sometimes remarked to be "great" works of art
the ever lovely Pride and Prejudice or more commonly known as "shitbrit"
by precipce September 20, 2010
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That Ye Olde English literature that all of your high school teachers can drone on about for a good hour EVERYDAY OF HIGH SCHOOL. NAWT that great, sorry Jane Austen. Honestly, the only reason people like shitbrit is because it was one of the first things ever written and that's why it was such an achievement. SMH
wanda: "hey I'm reading Pride and Prejudice... such meaningful British literature."
minnie: "wow COLs that's some shitbrit if I've ever heard of it" COLs again
Wanda: Fine. I'll go read Beowulf.
Minnie: EVEN worse.
by edge of a precipIce September 23, 2010
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