Someone who smokes Shisha all the time and is a member of the Shishistentum
Hey you want to get a Shishist? Join the Shishistentum!
by Fabirino February 25, 2019
A nickname for students in 10th grade
It is an abbreviation of the Hebrew word for "sixth"

These people are the worst scums that exist within the planet
they are the type of kids who put dont_open.bat "viruses" on your pc that shut it down
moyshale haim raita et ha tahat shel hashishistit hazo?

od paam hashishistim haela samu et ha "virus" haaluv shelahem al hamahshevim
by a shminist boi November 22, 2018
You are addicted to Shisha? Whatever you think, it always has something to do with shisha. If people ask you to go out and there is no shisha you won't come. Of course not! Because you are a #Shishist
Keep Going, Shishasmus is a normal thing, that is still arriving at our society!
"Hey, you wanna hang out?"

"Do you have a shisha there?"
"No, i am sry!"
"Then i am not coming, sry bro!"
"Damn Tobi, you are such a shishist!"
by NoFreeRides|ShishaOrAss February 20, 2019