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noun- Ukrainian term meaning 'dirty heroin' or filthy, home-crafted, bangable narcotic.

verb- 1. The injection of 'dirty heroin' (shirkaing/shirkaed).
Put in extra toilet water, Yuri, this batch of shirka is going to score us the mad vagina, yes?

Svetlana got so shirkaed, she tried to convince me and Oleh to go and mung some guy who had just been buried. Gross.
by keldard January 27, 2011
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A troll of unbelievable proportions, having harassed a large portion of the innocent web surfing populace of social community site 'Facebook' with an unending torrent of illogical, misspelt, depressive or pointless 'Status Updates'. Whilst intervention from NATO is still on the cards for the next G8 summit, humanitarian agencies are still severely concerned for the welfare of users struggling to come to terms with the mental stress of up to "34 times the normal time expected to be spent on Facebook, due to trying to sort worthwhile or sentient information from their Newsfeed after it being submerged in a torrent of 'Troll' posts by Ms Shirka"

A resolution is still being sought by the scientific communities of the modern world, rumour also points to the imminent involvement of the 'Cyber Police' though this is currently unverified.
User1: Man, my inbox melted yesterday
User2: Ah, you got Shirka'd too?
Shirka.: :( i love jastain bayber hur lol wut hello
USer1: ...I'm deleting my account
USer 2: Yeah I can't take this
by JusticeProAdNinum August 02, 2010
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