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When the author of a work places characters in potentially romantic situations with the intent of teasing of the audience. Nothing ever comes of these situations.
Mike and Bryan were totally shipbaiting the audience with the trailer of Katara hugging Zuko.
by ButterscotchLion September 29, 2008
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A term often used to describe two characters in a movie, TV series, books etc. who have great chemistry and are often put together in scenes and share 'intimate moments' (like giving each other heart eyes, hugging, hands touching...) but writers have no real intention to make them a couple. Like ever.
" Have you seen The 100? I am currently on season 1 and it seems like a great TV show. Can't wait until Bellamy and Clarke become a thing."
" Don't bother, showrunners don't intend of making them a couple, they are only shipbaiting the fans."
"But they have so much chemistry!"
"Tell that to the showrunners."
by NotAnotherMartha June 06, 2019
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