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A Shinead is a person with overflowing creativity and high intelect. A Shinead can be quite aloof and ever slightly confused half the time but can add an entirely new dimension to your life. With interests that don't conform to the mass populas and a heart of gold, having one of these will be an absolute delight. Shinead's can be overly caring and full of love and joy but nurture them or fear of having an emotional crisis on your hands
"Hey Shinead, see that movie last night?"

"Shinead and I conquered the world."
by Transition24 October 04, 2016
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A sassy, bitchy, tall, blond acting, funny, caring, protective girl who is always licking (the person she likes) always falling asleep and being a crazy cat lady.
Girl 1 - did you hear what she said?

Girl 2- I did what a bitch move.

Girl 3 - I know right she's such a Shinead
by Your real name123 September 05, 2016
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