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A woman of God. A sassy diva. A natural model with beautiful eyes, a beautiful smile, and gorgeous dimples; eyebrows that most woman are envious of. Sherylyn will come into your life for a reason, more than likely a good reason. Sherylyn has a way which entices you from the moment you meet.

Whether it be meeting for a beverage or through casual e-mails, you will soon find yourself having unexpected and in-depth conversations under a galaxy of beautiful stars. Sheet lightning and shooting stars represent profound goodluck for you both.

Sherrie is exciting and adventurous; thus exciting you. Travelling many hours on any form of public transport will be more than worth the journey to meet with Sherylyn, her spontaneity will have you addicted to being around her from the moment you meet her. She lights up every situation, even ascending mountains by the seaside in the pitch dark; Sherrie will make you feel pleasantly safe and relaxed.

If you've only met her a handful of times she still has the propensity to make you feel comfortable. You'll find falling asleep at her side; in her bed or on a beautiful North-Eastern beach so natural with Sherylyn.

You could be in a caravan on the beachside of a small destitute village, but Sherylyn gives off an overwhelming euphoric feeling that makes you feel as if you're on a honeymoon-like-stage at a world class resort with her.
Sherylyn has a heart of pure gold, and more than often she puts other's before herself. Often times people fail to see the extremely benevolent side of Sherylyn due to her directive focus, however once you get to know her you'll see characteristics that almost noone has.

Sherylyn is a very classy Queen waiting for her King
by You're always stunning October 10, 2019
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