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\sh(e)-ra\ as a girl's name is of Aramaic origin, and the meaning of Shera is "brightness". Also used in English as a variant of Sharon, Sherry, or Sheryl.
A lady who often is mis-understood. She holds the world on her shoulders and smiles through her tears. She wants everyone to be happy but can't find it herself. She acts humble and foolish at times but she's not. She is caring, genuine, strong, sexy and smart. If you don't have the best intentions please stay away from Sherra.
by lovelyangel0005 June 12, 2012
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Sherra. Known for being well-loved by many. She seems a bit mysterious in her ways, she is charismatic and has a magnetism about her. She is special and unique in the ways that she speaks and does things in her own "Sherra" type ways. Sherra is the one you know you belong with (if you were blind enough let her slip away), if only you tried just a bit harder to be stable and a true partner. You will never find another like Sherra but she will always have a place in her heart for you anyway as she has a heart of true gold and lightness.
Sherra is a good girl.
by Theonethatgotawaysherra January 01, 2013
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Sherra- What can I say? She is the one I wanted to share my life with and she got away. I miss her all the time. The way she smiles, how we laugh together. She is special and unique and cares about everyone that comes to her. Sherra
I wish she was my wife - Sherra
by sittingonthedockofthebay August 21, 2012
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People love to hate Sherra because she fucking rocks. Guys think she is sexy and girls think she is a bitch but the truth is she is just a woman who is lost. She is waiting to find a real man that will commit to her and treat her as a the genuine gem she is.
Sherra is so funny and she really came through for me when I needed her!
by youwishyouwerelikesherra August 21, 2012
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