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Sherhan, a word used to describe a person who is well versed in the act of destroying funny moments, or dropping in unexpectedly and kill any joy the people in the area may be experiencing. The word is synonymous with the act of buzz killing and may also be used as a synonym to both buzz kill and buzz killington.

secondary definition: the act of being a complete social abnormality or outcast. similar to being a big ugly tumor on the veil of scociety.
guy1:hey bro that was jokes
guy2:ya i know
guy3: dude that joke was boom in the room!!!!
guy1:dude stop sherhaning
guy2:ya bro stop being a sherhan

guy1:oh shit it sherhan
guy2: RUN!!!
guy3:whered everyone go?????
by bombytrets November 10, 2010
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