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The name Shehd is a baby girl name. It originates as an Arabic name meaning "Honey"
She was as beautiful as Shehd
by Aliaaaaa3347 April 13, 2017
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Sometimes referred to by SHEHD (game based on Blumkin, Shit Head). SHEHD is a game revolving around the process of receiving a BlowJob, while on the toilet. . There are multiple bases in SHEHD:
1st base: Receiving a BJ while on the toilet
2nd base: While receiving said BJ, producing a bowel movement while keeping your boner
3rd base: When you are ready to crap, you must grab the nose of the person performing fellatio (cutting off their air). You then release your bowels and then immediately release their nose.
HOME RUN: Immediately following the bowel release, you ejaculate.
GRAND SLAM: When stars align - when your bowels are released, you are cumming and the person giving you head throws up on your junk .
She gave me good SHEHD, she is great at shellatio.
by D3t4ch4bl3P3n1s June 21, 2016
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