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1) Somewhat similar to shitfaced, but with a degree of apparent euphoria and extreme style that is almost always lacking in the shitfaced individual. This must be accomplished flawlessly while still exhibiting such utter annihilation that the concsciousness of said individual makes a mockery of modern science.

Prospective candidates must be:
-conscious long past the point they should have passed out
-able to communicate ONLY via "happy" and "sad" sounds, as well as some signals (such as making a blind reaches towards other peoples' alcohol)
- possess nowhere near the ablity to sit without aid
-smile incessently--once they finally lose the ability to laugh
-retain enough of their game and god-given talent to smack the ass of any girl who comes too close...but, you a classy way.

2) behaving in a way even comparable to that of said namesake, Sheetz, the night of August 9th, 2008.
You were so sheetzfaced you didn't realize you were playing "Faces"...with the glass of water someone had urged you to drink.

I let Shaggy hold onto him for 3 seconds, but he was so sheetzfaced he pretty much dived towards the ground. Weird thing was, I think it made him even more happy...

He was clearly sheetzfaced, why would Davey make him hold the Sailor Jerry while he went to get that Airush tramp stamp? That seemed kinda irresponsible...

Sure you were sheetzfaced, but you were still technically wearing shoes...
by Vela... August 21, 2008
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