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Da coolest nem in da urban dictionary by far!

Shealan is a Princess at heart.

Her Beauty is timeless.

She is one of a kind... she is unique.

A Shealan's talent and creativity never run dry (Everyone secretly wishes she was a Shealan).

This fearless girl is truly one of a kind.

She is one who loves God the Father with all of her heart.

This girl's friends and family mean the world to her.

Shealan is da Faerest of em all!!
Whoa!... did you see that funkadelic move man? That's only something a Shealan could do...
by Candipooh October 28, 2010
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Every 50 years or so, a female child is born who grows into the epitome of wild beauty. Shealan is a name reserved for only the most beautiful of these women whose grace, intelligence, humour and energy often confuses her for a gypsy goddess. (Often enjoys surfing and being read poetry by men with Australian accents)
Oh my god! Is's that girl, Shealan!?

She must be. No other can be so beautiful.
by Gaberey1 May 16, 2017
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