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The hottest and most fearless woman you shall ever meet. Nothing is beyond her mastery in bed. She is curvy with an hourglass figure and big bust. She is just the woman you want in a sword fight. She has a love of life that at times goes beyond passion. She exists to serve the greater good but she tempers that with having fun with life. She is as sharp as her sword and has a wicked since of humor that is at times ironic and sarcastic. Shdan is the most honest, most loyal and most loving best friend a person could have. Her motto is “The Grail I seek is to have the Honor, Fidelity, Grace, Faith, Passion and Spirit”. To be a good friend is to be a member of her family for she holds her family above all. To be the friend of Shdan is to be the most honored of people to her. Honor, Fidelity, Grace, Faith, Passion, Spirit,Sexuality
We need Shdan to help slay the dragon and save town.
by Shdan Trueheart November 27, 2011
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