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A woman or man is 'shcocked' when they see a man's penis for the first or second time and are shocked or surprised or impressed at the length, girth or greatness of the member.

One may be 'shcocked' to the upside or to the downside- at a penises greatness or lameness, however, this word is more typically used in the context of an impressive, rather than disappointing member.
OMG- I saw his dick last night for the first time and was completely SHCOCKED! It was bigger and better than I could have ever possibly imagined!
by Peen Queen August 07, 2013
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the art of being shocked because of soemone's cock being big.
"DAMMMM that dudes cock meade me sooo shcocked, it was hugee"
by Random4792 June 01, 2009
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How one reacts to seeing a surprisingly large dick
I wasn't expecting his wang to be so big... I was shcocked
by Bigbroevenbiggerwang July 20, 2017
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