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A competitive girl who puts her all in. Shaylan are hot, and mysterious, and alluring. She is very sweet, and kind, but if you make her made she will be one of the scariest people you meet. Shaylan's tend to make friends easily and bring people together. She is a great listener and can relate to almost everything, even if they have not experienced it. They can be short temper and a total jerk but when it counts there always there. They tend to help others but never ask for help or push people away so there not a burden. There emotional strong and physically. They won't show there true emotions unless they truly trust you. You would have to pry out what's wrong. They can always make you smile and will be the perfect girl for anyone.
Girl: *crys in corner*
Shaylan:Hay what's wrong!? Are you ok?

Girl: no my friend just left me for good. *intens crying*
Shaylan: shhhh, Shhhh, it's ok, just let it all out.

Shaylan: looks depressed*
Girl: hay what's wrong you look sad.
Shaylan: it's nothing.
by Onlytrue January 28, 2017
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Shaylan is an amazing cheerleader. She loves to hang out with friends, shop at the mall, and be herself. Shay is creative and beautiful. She also isn't afraid to be herself. She has tons of friends, and they all love her.
Rude Person: Your horrible...

Shaylyan: No, I'm SHAYLAN....!
by Shay and kiya March 31, 2018
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Generally a tall black dude who's bluntly honest and has a thing with lemlems. Shaylans have been known to have high political aspirations, oftentimes shooting for high positions in organizations- such as president of a club or organizations. However, Shaylans can sometimes be slackers in assistant positions and are known to be chronically wrong when arguing with a Mandie, esp. about racism.
Clarissa: Yo, I wanna be President.
Shaylan: No way, man. I'm totally gonna beat you.
by mrsstarchman December 31, 2011
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