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A Shayane is an ethereal beauty walking this earth. She is fit, but can eat a pizza by herself and steal half of yours too. She is humorous in a way that only the closest of friends will understand. She is open to others in a group, but shy when alone with just somebody. Shayane has the most alluring eyes that are bright blue during summer, green in the winter and grey when she's sad. And when she gives you her absolute, undivided attention with those striking eyes and you meet her stare, try not to shake at the sheer power in them. Her hair is a saturated, dirty blonde colour, with streaks of light brown. A Shayane has the best ass ever.

She is a great listener and more often that not does she give you a solution to your problem that has something to do with hitting, even if she isn't *that* aggressive herself. Many people flock to her, because she is such a kind-hearted woman. She is very caring and understanding. Everyone wants to be her for a day. Shayane cannot, for the life of her, cook or hold presentations well. You will create the best memories of your life with her, mainly because she is the girl that comes up with the worst ideas that you go along with. And god help anybody that messes with her friends.

She isn't a great academic, sporty on occasions, yet she has this uncontrollable energy inside her. She has a happy-go-by aura that attracts everyone, men and women. She has a hidden side that tends to stay hidden. Everybody needs to have a Shayane in their lives.
Friend 1: Damn, did you see that girl?
Friend 2: Yeah, *drools* must be a Shayane..

Boy: She's perfect girlfriend-material
Girl: She's the best friend you could ever have
by ManonBlackbeak February 24, 2017
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A real cool short girl is is normally called beautiful.
I want to be beautiful like shayane.

Damn did you see shayane back there she's so cool.
by Real old timer June 16, 2016
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